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Kalpa vriksha charitable trust

Kalpavriksham - Charitable Trust

If you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find us at the end of your arm.

Our Founder


Dr. Banupriya, MBBS MD

She is a well known and renowned oncologist, practising in Chennai for the past eight years. Currently the Director of Kalpavriksham Trust.

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Can Cancer be cured?

Cancer is unique due to the fact that extent of disease determines chance of cure. [Read More]

Cancer is not a communicable disease. It doesn't spread through touching, sharing food, kissing or by sexual intercourse.[Read More]

There are certain factors that place an individual at the risk of developing cancer. Some risk factors can be controlled[Read More]

Incidence of cancer in first degree relatives like siblings, parents etc. increases the risk of cancer by 1.5 to 2 fold.[Read More]

Radiation therapy is a painless treatment modality. Patients are made to lie under a special machine (linear accelerator)[Read More]

Like any other treatment, radiation therapy also carries few side-effects. There may be some discomfort like itching, mucositis or dryness in the treated area.[Read More]

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Kalpavriksham Trust is the most excellent place to get treated as you will be in the right hands. Dr. Banupriya has a very good approach to treating cancer and she is an excellent doctor who supports all treatment and ensures every patient gets treated right.

What was really amazing to me was that the waiting time was short even though the center was always full of patients!

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